12:00 AM

Every year. On a few blessed days can I wake up and say.

"It's Raceday!"

Before you read any farther, reader. You should know, I was born and raised a NASCAR fan.
SO don't judge.
I'm not a crazy fan. I enjoy the sport and respect it.
If you don't.
Well, you can leave my blog.
(please and thank you :)) 

Anywhozles I headed out with my Daddy'O to the race track Friday.
THE race track that is.
Daytona Speedway.
Yes sir!

I wore the normal summer race track attire of course.

Hair Up : Shorts : Tank Top: Flip Flops.

We had some amazing seats this year. Sprint Tower-Just to the right of the start/finish line.
 Super nice! I don't think we've ever had better seats before.
AND we took the elevator this time to get to them!
YAY no "stairs from hell!" 


The race was pretty uneventful for a good 50/60 laps. Except for the drunk redneck sitting behind my friend screaming and wohooing at the most random times. At one point she even asked if i had any ducktape.
NASCAR races are really interesting experiences to say the least.

And of course stupid me didn't tape the final GWC. Stupid. Because this is what happened.

Survive my little "nascar fan moment" here on the blog??

Hope you guys had a great weekend! Looking forward to catching up on your blogs soon! 


  1. I have to say that i have never been to a nascar race before, but I'm glad you had fun :)


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