Weekend Wrap-up

12:00 AM

Weekend Wrap-up with instagram photos:

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  • Went on my first ever progressive dinner! So much fun! Would so do it again :) 
  • Curled up, ate candy, and watched "The Princess Bride" by myself in my bed. I enjoy my alone time but I can't wait till I have someone sweet to curl up and watch a movie with ;)
     *cough cough tebow cough cough*
  • Caught up on some much needed sleep! We went to church Saturday night so I got to sleep in some more on Sunday, it took me a while to get up even with the delicious smells coming from downstairs.
  • Put on my Easter dress - Even though I actually wore it 2 weeks ago to school but shhhh don't tell anyone ;) 
  • Ate all the yummy food with friends (that are actually more like family). BTW notice the Key Lime Pie? We are such Floridians :) And proud of it! 


  1. Love your dress, Samantha! And The Princess Pride? Awesome. :)


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