Happy Birthday!

12:00 AM

Happy Birthday Momma!

So where do I start???

First off, I am SO proud to be your daughter. I've known many girls that are embarrassed by their moms or don't talk to their moms, or think their moms are out to get them, but I have NEVER felt that way about you. 

You are so open to anything I have to say or talk about. I'm so blessed to have a mom that I can talk to about anything and know she'll keep it between us.Your someone I can always trust.
I like that I can't think of a time that I was ever mad at you. That, even if we have a little argument, we always apologize and worked it out.

I love how I remember little things like us singing to country music in your truck while running errands around town, how at least once a year you let me and layne play Monopoly for math, when you bought me my first cowgirl hat, and how you came up with the COOLEST science experiments for school.

You were also the best teacher ever! I mean, who else would let their kids play Carmen Sandiago and call it "geography"??? 

After this past week's event, I have more respect and appreciation for you then ever before.

I hope that when I'm married (to *cough cough Tebow cough cough*) and have kids, I can be as strong, beautiful, wise, caring, and crazy as you are! 

I LOVE you so much! 
Happy Birthday

BTW- I hope this didn't come out sounding kind of corny... But I thought I'd be nice and stay away from being a smart "butt" for a change :)



  1. What a sweet post for you to write for your mom! Happy birthday to her!


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