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I didn't forget

6:19 PM

Don't worry dear blog friends, I haven't forgotten about you, I just have been terrible about posting and taking photos to share with you all :( bad blogger I am :(

Here is a little recap of my weekend though :)

-Went to my weekly Friday lunch with some of my favorite guy friends
- Had a great workout/fun time with my YA group rock climbing
(excuse the paleness of my legs, spring break could not get here sooner!)

- Woke up early on Saturday for a meeting
- Headed out for some shopping after
- found swim suite success at target :) now I just need one more swimsuit and I'll be set :)
- Went out for "girls night" with one of my best girl friends :)
- Saw "The Lorax" (super cute BTW!)
- Picked up my ticket for "The Hunger Games" at midnight! Please give my friend credit for putting up with the little happy dance I had in the middle of the theater :) 


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