12:00 AM

Lounging is one of my favorite things :)
I love the days in between school. When I can just chill and do work on my bed,desk, or futon. 
I hope i can have those days next semester :) 


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  1. Looks very comfy, kinda wish I'd sit right there on your couch right now. Although I'd probably read the stack of magazines lying on your table instead of studying. Because I am a lazy butt.

  2. Lounging is so much fun, I just love to relax :)

  3. i have a HUGE schooldesk but i rarely work there; i like the couch way better, ha! it's a rainy day today, so it's perfect to having a good day in school :)

  4. I wish I had lounging days :( this week is fall break, so it's probably the only time between now and December after finals I'll be able to lounge! I am jealous of your schedule!


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