My Go To

12:00 AM

This skirt. Has become to my Go To when I wanna feel like a lady.
Can't rave anymore about this skirt.
When i got shopping next weekend. I'm so going to be on the lookout for another one :)

Photobucket Photobucket
Top - HandM : Skirt - Cotton on : Shoes - Old Navy

And it looks good with a jean jacket :)

Jean jacket - Handmedown : Necklace - from a etsy shop that i won in a giveaway 

Do you have a "Go to" fashion accessory?? 

Foster the People - I would do anything for you.


  1. LOVE the song choice.

    and I love having a go-to item :) You are lucky yours is black, my go to skirt is vermilion, and so even though I'd love to wear it pretty much every single day or at least once a week-- I can't because it's too stand outish! I need a black go-to for sure!

  2. love your go-to item. mine is my fabric button ring, h&m flats, and boyfriend sweater.


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