Friday Favorites

12:00 AM

(1) This Pinterest Bored - I am in LOVE. This bored inspires me so much! You gotta check it out here!


(2)  When Kitty joins us for school :)

(3) "New Girl" - This show. Just plain cute and funny! If you can, Watch it on Tuesday nights at 9 on Fox, if not.. DVR it ;) It's worth watching :)

 (4) Fall shopping :) I'm gonna be going fall shoppping soon :) I can't wait. I need to stock up on pants and layering tops ;) and maybe some boots too :)
(love this looks especially ;) )
Source: via Lauren on Pinterest


  1. oooh i'm loving that pinterest board too - soooo cute! i think i love prince eric's the most.

    happy weekend, friend!

  2. I love the Disneybound "Prince Eric" pieces, so gorgeous and your kitty cat is cute! I am so jealous you have a cat :(

    Definitely checking out New Girl, I missed it this week!

  3. cute outfits and New Girl is a great new show!

  4. totally ready for the Fall weather to get here already...we had a teaser a couple weeks ago and heat ever since :( love the Pinterest boards as well!

  5. LOVING the out fits! super cute! also, i really wanted to see new girl! but i forgot it was on, or got busy. . . or something. ;b yay for cat company!

    have a lovely weekend!


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