You may.

12:00 AM

Along with my friends. You may think its weird or strange that I love vinyl over mp3.

Or that I prefer a James Dean drama over a modern action flick
Or that I love Audry Hepburn movies then a Sandra Bullock chick flick
Or the fact I'm more inspired buy modern 50' simple fashion then I am at modern fashion
Or that I know every lyric to every song in the musical Oklahoma over knowing every lyric to a popular secular song.
Or that I would love to have an old 50's coupe/truck then any other car in the world.

You see. The things above was part my childhood in a sense.
I grew up watching TV Land all the time. I grew up watching old movies instead of movies popular at the time. I used to listen to nothing but vinyl at my Grandmothers while many of my friends listened to Brittany Spears. When I sang, it was always something from Rodger in Hammerstein. My friends father would sing Frank Sinatra all the time and we'd have dance party's dancing to "When Your Smiling."

Yea. It might be weird. Why not live in the now? Why live in a time of past?
I do live in the now. But, when I watch an old movie, or listen to my record player, or go thrifting and look at all the old knicks and knacks,
It reminds how simple life was back then how it can still be.

So much of our world now is piled with technology and who can make the most money, and who can come out with the next big thing.
I love when my friend and I just sit and talk without txting, and play bored games, and just hang out at the local ice cream shop. It reminds me how we can live simple lives in this crazy world we live in. And how if we work at it. We can get back to how is was 50 years ago when we all actully called each other and didn't sit in front of our tv's all day.

So yes. I guess its weird I like how it was 50 year ago.
But I'd rather live simply then any other way.



  1. samantha! i love what you wrote in this post! i have to completely agree with you:)

  2. I love this post!! I totally know what you mean! =)


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