My butt hurts

10:31 AM



I bet that title made you laugh!

But it truly does. Mostly cause I rode my new bike/graduation gift into town the other day and my butt isn't used to sitting on a bike for a long period of time i guess :)


A few post's back I asked you guys what you wanted to see more of and I got a lot of "fashion and photos" requests :)

So here you go!
After church on Sunday my sis was kind enough to be my photographer for a bit and shoot some shots of me on my new bike in a cute Sunday church outfit :)

  • Top - Cotton on
  • Skirt - Kohls
  • Shoes (though you can't really see them) - Target


  1. Cuuuute! Your bike AND your outfit are both adorable! :D I hope your butt feels better soon, haha! :P

    I was also wondering if you'd be interested in guest posting on my blog sometime next week (July 18th-22nd)... if you are, just drop me a comment on my blog, I'll send you an email and we'll figure it out from there! :)

  2. OMG! i love your bike and you are super adorable!♥


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