11:11 AM

As I doing my yoga the other night my cute puppy came in to visit me.

He always seem to find the weirdest times to come in my bedroom.

Anyway, He went and laid in his beanbag on his (my) pink snuggie like he normally does.

When I went to lay on the ground to do my crunches and some more yoga positions. This is what I saw staring at my face.

Sorry for the blurryness, I was trying to catch the photo quickly, and i was at a weird angle

Then he decided to stand over me till i was finished.
I guess he wanted to make sure I was doing my "downward dog" right. ;)


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  1. Haha! Too cute. I love it!


  2. "I shall not leave until you have completed the task at hand," says Jaxson. haha! :)


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