Friday Favorites/Funny

1:20 PM

I'm VERY picky when it comes to movies involving cartoons. I don't know why, i just am. But I LOVE Despicable Me.
If you have not seen this you must! It is just to darn cute! And the minions are adorably funny!
Check out a funny miny movie below featuring the minions.


  1. OH, I love that movie! It is so good! Me & my best friend saw it the day it came out.

  2. BANANA!!! :D
    Super cute! I haven't seen this movie. I don't like animated movies, but I think I would like this one :)

  3. I bet that's what is going though Jaxson's mind when we're eating a banana.. LOL

  4. Can't wait to finally see this movie. :)

    What are CTXC vlogs? lol I've never heard of them.

  5. cool blog! hope you like mine:)


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