Friday Favorites

10:32 AM

Pink Edition!

1. Pink Toes.
One of my favorite colors to paint my little toeseys ( well, ok, their not little) is pink :) And since flip-flops are part of a regular Floridian attire. My toes are pink often.

2. Conair Hair Straightener.
I've had this baby for about a year now. I absolutely love it! I have thick hair so when I was first thinking about buying it I was hesitent because its only an inch wide. But it works wonders!
You can buy it here on amazon.

3. Rimmel London Volume Booster.
LOVE this stuff. I got it on clearance at Target a while back ( yes, I by make-up on clearance). Its so light yet makes your lips look 10x bigger. In a good way of course!



  1. Funnnn stuffs! I love painting my toeseys bright colors in the summer. :D Not a big fan of doing my finger nails, but toes - yes!

  2. Love! Pink is my favorite color. Ha! =)

  3. I swear by my straightener. ;)


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