10:49 AM

So. Do you think I have enough blankets on my bed?


  • 2 snuggies
  • 1 sleeping bag
  • 3 blankets from the living room
  • 1 blanket that I've had since I was 4

Whats funny. Is I still wake up cold at night.

Yea. I have a problem.

I'm a hoarder of blankets

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  1. My opinion: You can never have enough blankets. ;)
    I love blankets and soft pillows :)

  2. NO you do not! Like Antonia said, you can never have enough blankets. Eva! :)


  3. Haha! That's funny, because I am the same way. I have a total of 6 heavy quilts on my bed...I still get cold. :P

  4. I agree with Antonia and Kinsey, you can never have too many blankets... my bed is proof. I have like 5 heavy blankets and I'm STILL cold. its so crazy ;)

    with love,

  5. That many and still not warm enough?! haha! :)


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