Wordless Wednesday

4:34 PM

My guilty pleasures. Pretzel M&M's and Silly Bandz

Also check out my mom's Wordless Wednesday (which i'm in :)) on her blog here.
ANND send in some questions for for my next Q&A


  1. I've never tried pretzel M&M's, but I do love the dark chocolate and almond ones. Yummo!

  2. I haven;t tried those yet! My fav kind of m&m's are peanut butter though, for sure. yum.


  3. I LOVE pretzel M&M's!! They are super delicious! And Silly Bandz are SO much fun! haha


  4. Oh my, I L O V E both of those things(:
    Especially pretzel m&m's, they're my new favorite(:
    Have a great day!
    -Karlee Kay

  5. Oh gosh I love the new prezel M&M's! They are super good!! Also I was wondering, is there a particular type of questions you want for your Q&A or just whatever? Stay blessed! :)

  6. Are you going to do the Q&A anytime soon? I've been waiting FOREVER!


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