On a brake

12:56 PM

Hey Everyone :D

I'd thought I'd let you guys know that I'll be taking a break this weekend from blogging. I have such a crazy weekend that i needed a brake from blogging. Between the ACT and the trips to O'town its gonna be a non stop weekend :)

Feel Free to comment and don't forget to leave questions for my Q&A that I will try to do next week :D

Prayers are needed as I go to take the ACT tomorrow. I wanna do well so I can go to college. So here's hopeing *crosses figures*.
Of course I'll be remembering Philippians 4:13 as I take my test tomorrow :)


  1. Enjoy your weekend girl as much as you can! :) Good luck on your test!

  2. Enjoy your weekend girl!! Good luck on you test! I'm sure you'll do great!! I have to take it in the spring. Ew. Not looking forward to it!!



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