Tuesday Thoughts

1:14 PM

So, I'm thinking I need some new lenses for my glasses. You can't tell from the picture but my lenses are a disgrace! They are all scratched up and dirty, with finger prints all over.
Between all the reading I'm doing and the massive time I spend on the internet between school and just surfing the web, my eyes would probably be very thankful if I went and got some new lenses so I can see more things in a clearer perspective.;)


  1. Jaxson looks SO cute with your glasses on top of his head. ;)
    Hope you can get some new lenses soon.
    Love in Christ,
    Karlee Kay

  2. Haha adorable pictures of Jaxson!

  3. jaxson is adorable! :) my dog would never sit still like that. ;)


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