Book Review - Glaen

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Glaen : A Novel Message on Romance, Love and Relating

By Fre R.Lybrand
Price: $10.19 (amazon)
Paperback: 176 pages

About the Book -
Annie is a college grad-student who is stumped about love. Her mom and dad are in the throes of a divorce, her teenage sister is obsessed with how her boyfriend makes her look, and her closest friend Jennah is on a continual ride of running off every guy she dates. Friendships, dating, romance, and marriage—it's all confusing to Annie until the day a white-haired stranger appears in her life. Glaen is an unusual professor with an unusual name. Her white-haired unconventional mentor guides Annie on a path of discovery that unlocks the secrets of real relationships in a world gone phony. By abandoning herself to learn, Annie discovers the mystifying affect of how learning to tell the truth changes everything in friendship, family, and love.

About the Author -
Fred Lybrand grew up in Anniston, Alabama and studied English Literature at the University of Alabama. He graduated with honors from Dallas Theological Seminary, and earned a Doctor of Ministry from Phoenix Seminary. Lybrand recently retired as senior pastor of Northeast Bible Church to pursue writing and speaking full time. He resides near San Antonio with his wife, Jody, and their five children. Lybrand has written and published five books entitled: Heavenly Citizenship: The Spiritual Alternative to Power Politics; The Absolute Quickest Way to Help Your Child Change; About Life and Uganda; Preaching on Your Feet; and Back to Faith: Reclaiming Gospel Clarity in an Age of Incongruence.

My Review -

First off. This is not your typically "how to" to christian dating book
. That's actually what I thought it was going to be like, just with a fictional character. Boy, was I wrong.

Glaen is a fun, fresh story about Annie, a girl trying to figure out love. Her journey isn't to find someone to love but to better understand the concept of dating, love and romance.
I REALLY enjoyed this book. It was so different from the other christian young adult novels I've read in the sense that it is not your typical girl falls for boy, loveydovey fairytale story. (not that those are bad ; ) ).
Annie is a very simple and fun character. I found myself relating with her a little bit. She's just a single girl trying to figure out relationships so she can help others and prepare herself for the relationship God has waiting for her. Kind of like me :)

With that said, I
HIGHLY recommend this book. To read and to own :D


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