I am...

12:52 PM

Ever have those moments when you do something and say
"I'm such a...(fill in occupation here)..... daughter"
The other morning i work up with something poking in my my side. I figured it was just my calculator.... Sadly i find my self sleeping on that more often because i do math on my bed. But to my surprise it was my mini screwdriver that i keep in my room!

"You know your a mechanic's daughter when you wake up and realize you've been sleeping on a mini screwdriver"

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  1. Haha! My dad is a contractor and I have found screwdrivers, screws, nails, and the like in my bed before. Or I have kicked them off in my sleep. lol

    About the soft drinks... thanks for the encouragement. :) Yesterday it was hard for me not to buy a grape soda. lol :)


  2. Haha love it!!


  3. haha!! Very funny!!! I find myself getting poked in the side by the springs that continue to poke through my mattress. lol Have a blessed weekend!


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