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Hey Ya'll
Hope everyone's doing well. I'm doing good. Keeping busy.
Thought since its Friday. I would share some random Favorites of mine at the moment.

james dean Pictures, Images and Photos

James Dean - OK. Ever since my momma had me watch Giant last year my favorite actor. dead or alive has been James Dean. About 2 weeks ago I curled up in my bed and watched Rebel Without a Cause. AMAZING. One of my all time favorite movies now.
My mom and I are on a search for a movie poster or picture of Jame Dean for my room. We found this one and I CANNOT wait till we buy it ;)

easton corbin Pictures, Images and Photos
Easton Corbin- I LOVE country music. You know how some people grow up listening to Rock or Jazz music. I grew up on country music. I still remember singing Kenny Chesney or Alan Jackson songs with my mom in the car. I love finding new Country artists. Easton Corbin is beyond good. He's crazy good. I love his single "A little more country than that" it is a cute and wonderfully written song. Check it out below.

Oh and while we are on the subject of country music. If you like country music like me. Buy Josh Turners Album "Haywire" its AMAZING.

This is a picture of my grandfather. While spring cleaning my mom found this and said we should put it in my room, since it was black and white, and my room is black and white themed. I LOVE it in my room. I never knew my granddad because he died when my mom was young. I'm hope I'll get to see him in heaven one day, but until then I like seeing this photo every time i walk into my room. Though he's not smiling in this photo my grandma says I (and my mom) have his smile. Makes me smile thinking bought it.
(by the way, you can't really tell in this photo but my granddad look A LOT like Cary Grant. Its pretty cool. Even my grandma says so. She says she loves watching Cary Grant movies cause its like watching Grandpa)


  1. b/w room! oooh dreamy. i really love old photos so this is really cool! :) have an awesome weekend!

  2. A black and white themed room... Now I am inspired to go with something like that!

    The picture of your granddad is so cool! I love all your pics! :)



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