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10:58 AM

So i finally got the motivation to blog today. Maybe because I read the cute "Jamie DeLaine's" recent blog post :)
Truthfully this is my week off. I'm done school for the semester. Though I'm doing a small bit of math. I actually got to watch t.v this morning. And yes to those who are not homeschool. I am not aloud to watch t.v in the morning before school. So I'm excited when i can watch t.v in the morning :) and be a lazy bum :)
So, i have nothing really fun planned for my weeks off. I will be catching up on some reading. baking, and just relaxing.
This morning though, I was extra motivated to take pictures. So I walked around my house, in my p.j's with camera in hand. And here are the result.


He's such a ham~

LOVE this photo :)

My yummy no-bake peanut butter

My taste tester :)

Catching up on some reading over christmas break.

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  1. I've made the no bake peanut butter bars before.. they are addictive! lol You are very talented with a camera. Love you!! Merry CHRISTmas!!

  2. Thanks for all your sweet comments :) I love them.

    I'm trying to use all my "free time" to read too. School gets out Friday here! :)))

  3. Oh, you dog is so cute. :)


  4. Love the pictures and love the look of that peanut butter chocolate thing! That is one lucky dog (taste tester) lol.

    How is your back feeling honey?

    Blessings to you?


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