Short and i guess it could be sweet....

7:35 PM

Sorry for the lack of post. I really was hopping to blog this weekend but never got the chance.
We're working on my room, as I speak my bedroom smells like paint and mom just suggested that i sleep upstairs tonight.
At first I thought we would get just my walk-in closet done this weekend but instead, We decided just to do that whole room.

So hopefully in the next couple days I'll post pictures and the finished project.
Its looking good so far ;) can't wait to show you :)


  1. Ok, cuteness...this is your new nickname from me by the way...I remembered hearing your Barlow Girl song and decided to post it for a very sick friend's daughter who is about your age because I knew she would love it too! So there, you caught me!

    Actually, I'm hoping you go over and check out her Mom's blog and get to meet her daughter, Rachel...and keep her in your prayers.

    Hope you had a fabulous Labor Day and I can't wait to see the finished product of the bedroom!

    Love ya!

  2. Awesome! Can't wait for the pics :D


  3. Yeah I never can think of what to blog and I guess ain't creative either. LOL. Oh and my sister got Barlow Girls "Beautiful Ending" music video for free(!), so I'm gonna go put it on my iPod!



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