Silent but Deadly

5:07 PM


This face, this cute innocent face, couldn't do much damage could he? Well he can.

My youngest pup decided that after the neighborhood turkeys left the yard this morning that he would go roll in the little "presents" they left in our yard. Lovely.

So after taking a nice shower and feeling squeaky clean. I spent 20min with a hose and shampoo getting Turkey poo off my dog.

It was such a terrible sight that I didn't dare take a picture

Ahh.. Christ blessed us with a truly "unique" dog


  1. Thanks for the thoughtful comment, Samantha! I'll make sure to add you to my blogroll.....

    Cute dogs, btw:)



  2. oh yes, and I added you as a contact on Flickr, too:) I'm nbrookep.



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