I wonder

9:26 PM


“Why put yourself in any situations where the line’s become smudged and obscure? Why accept the pressure of tremendous temptation when you can easily avoid it by refusing to be anywhere compromise is possible”.
~ Elizabeth Elliot~

I've been wondering about that lately.
I just finished reading Passion and Purity ( so recommend it! ). And I wonder why I tend to do some things that put me in a situation I regret later. Something as simple as sitting next to a "guy friend" and you get those looks from other girls. Instead of just simply saying no (in your head of course :P ) and sitting with a friend, you put yourself right into a situation, you may not regret at the moment, but when you get to think about it, you wish you never even thought of sitting next to "him". Sometimes I wish I could just sit next to "him" and not have to battle looks, glances, and the occasional distractions.
I wish He could just sit next to me then everyone would be perfectly content know He loves me and its obvious and no one would assume.
But, who said life is fair, He makes it a challenge to see how much i really do love Him. He knows I'll sit next to "him" and He asks "Where will I sit with you?"
Even with my girlfriends I find Him asking, "Where will I sit "
In today's world, its "who likes who", "who's sitting with whom" , " he/she said this" "that's what she said" all the time.
Do we ever think " He must love her/him" "Look where He sat with him/her
"He said this about her/him" "That what He said about her."

I wonder that if I sat more with Him, I wouldn't be worried about "smudging or crossing the line, or even the pressure of temptation".


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