My Cup of Tea

9:20 PM

"You will never find a cup of tea big enough, nor a book long enough to suit me."


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Monday I'll be 16! Wow, where has time gone! almost 10 years ago we were getting ready to move to our farm house in beautiful Maryland. Then i never would have thought we would have ended up in Florida ( which is beautiful beside humidity and heat some days).

As any almost 16 year old, the things I like and do are constantly changing. Hence the photo. I was having a hard time sleeping this past week so.. besides taking the advice of my mother and taking a calcium pill before bed, I decided to raid the tea/coffee section of one of our cabinets and pulled out some Sleep-Time tea. And boy did it feel good. But 2 days ago I saw that we had ran out of Sleep-Time!!! OH NO. So I thought I would try some chamomile . SOOOO much better then the Sleep-Time, plus I remembered my BF Cara telling me that honey is SOOO good in tea, which made my cup of chamomile tea SOOOO much better.

Ok, So your probably asking...
"Samantha, why are you drinking warm tea in the middle June in FLORIDA! "
Glad you asked
You see, I like to be cozy, weather its cuddled up in a blanket in front of the t.v, wearing my cute kaki p.j's with my fuzzy boots, or raiding my sisters closet and "borrowing" her Maryland Terrapins hooddie, not matter what the weather.
So, right now, I'm sitting here with the bedroom fan on, in my p.j kakis, listening to Michael Buble', in my sisters hooddie with a cup of chamomile. Happy as any Almost 16 year old can be :)


  1. Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday Samantha. Happy birthday to you.

    16 aw I can remember when. Time keeps on slippin' slippin' into the future. So hang on tight to your teen years and learn all you can on how the world works so that when you have to finally face it full on you will be prepared.

    Some things just can not be taught in school. :)


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