June 2009 - Simply Samantha

My Cup of Tea

9:20 PM

"You will never find a cup of tea big enough, nor a book long enough to suit me."


Photo property of @SimplySamantha

Monday I'll be 16! Wow, where has time gone! almost 10 years ago we were getting ready to move to our farm house in beautiful Maryland. Then i never would have thought we would have ended up in Florida ( which is beautiful beside humidity and heat some days).

As any almost 16 year old, the things I like and do are constantly changing. Hence the photo. I was having a hard time sleeping this past week so.. besides taking the advice of my mother and taking a calcium pill before bed, I decided to raid the tea/coffee section of one of our cabinets and pulled out some Sleep-Time tea. And boy did it feel good. But 2 days ago I saw that we had ran out of Sleep-Time!!! OH NO. So I thought I would try some chamomile . SOOOO much better then the Sleep-Time, plus I remembered my BF Cara telling me that honey is SOOO good in tea, which made my cup of chamomile tea SOOOO much better.

Ok, So your probably asking...
"Samantha, why are you drinking warm tea in the middle June in FLORIDA! "
Glad you asked
You see, I like to be cozy, weather its cuddled up in a blanket in front of the t.v, wearing my cute kaki p.j's with my fuzzy boots, or raiding my sisters closet and "borrowing" her Maryland Terrapins hooddie, not matter what the weather.
So, right now, I'm sitting here with the bedroom fan on, in my p.j kakis, listening to Michael Buble', in my sisters hooddie with a cup of chamomile. Happy as any Almost 16 year old can be :)

Chasing the Daylight

1:31 PM

I want to chase the daylight
Like it's the last day of my life
I want to run
Hide myself in the sun and feel all these fears
Melt away
And I will never look back no I will never look back
I'm gonna live this life
Chasing the daylight.

~Chasing the Daylight by Philip LaRue~


Photo property of @SimplySamantha

Raiders of the Closet

1:20 PM

So after watching Transformers for the first time with my buds
( and no i haven't been living under a rock, i just haven't gotten around to watching transformers :) )
They raided my closet and here are the results :)






Burts Bee's

12:41 PM

I do this wonderful thing, its called buzzing ..lol.
I part of Buzz Agent which is a word-of-mouth media network. They pair consumers with products and supply digital tools that make widespread opinion-sharing easy.
Its WOM ( word of mouth) kind of stuff.

So yesterday I got a wonderful package that was sent to me from the "bee's" at buzz agent :)
Filled with, what else, But products from Burt's bees :)

Its part of their line of "All natural Acne Solutions"

I took a break from my usual facial cleanser (seen on left, i really recommend it!!) to try our Burt's Bee's cleansers.
Now I tried it for the first time last night so i haven't seen and dramatic results. But I loved how it felt, very cool, and well, natural :)

I have tons of little free samples so comment me or follow me on Twitter and let me know and I'll try to hook you up with a sample.

Feel free to check out Buzz Agent, you can be any age to do this. Its so much fun and simple :) And its FREE :)

It's JUNE!!!

10:25 AM

"Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana."
— Groucho Marx

I can't believe it's June already. Summer, heat, and humitity are already here in Florida. June is a very exciting month for me. Its my birthday month. Ok well, i have other stuff going on. Such as VBS. Friends of ours stopped by this past weekend on there way to the Keys. I was telling my friend how it seems weird being the "teenager" to younger kids. I can remember being 8 and thinking how "cool" those teenagers were that helped out at our VBS. I guess having that experience and feeling makes me want to be a good example, encourager, and light to Christ to my group of VBS kids this year.
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16! thats how old I'll be June 22 at 6:08pm. 16 years ago my Grandfather called me the "round mound of Mt.Airy". 10 years ago my family was packing up to move to the farm house 20 minuets from town. 6 years ago I had my first BIG birthday party because I was turning 10! And I had a R2-D2 cake, which made it even better :)!
I couldn't go to sleep the other night so I just layed there and thought ( what every other normal person would do in that situation).
I thought how, deep down inside of me, i know why my personality and the way i am is different. Because Christ made me that way, He makes me feel special everyday. Though, with my personality the teenage years seem like a never ending war some days, I know that He made me for a purpose, I wasn't an mistake, my brain wasn't put in wrong. I know eventfully I will understand why He made me this way and how i can use it to serve Him. I may not know it now, but I know I will.

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."
Dr. Seuss