Canyon Bakehouse Bagels and Brownie Bites

 Canyon Bakehouse Bagel's and Brownie Bites
Who doesn't like bagels?? Or brownie bites??
I love both and am so excited for Canyon Bakehouse's new bagels and brownie bites.
Being gluten free, you miss out on a lot of awesome food like bagels and brownie bites.
BUT, thanks to Canyon Bakehouse, I (and you too!) can enjoy bagels and brownie bites just like you used to in your pre-gluten free days.
Their Brownie Bites are the MOISTEST brownies I have ever had. They are delish! 
Canyon BakeHouse Bagels and Brownie Bites
Now, I have a serious question. 
How do you take your bagel???
Canyon Bakehouse Bagels and Brownie Bites

My husband (also a fan of Canyon Bakehouse) loves his with peanut butter and some local honey while he catches up on the sports via ESPN.
Canyon Bakehouse Bagels and Brownie Bites

I like to make mine a cream cheese sandwich with a nice cup of coffee on the side as I answer emails and check on the interwebs. 
Canyon Bakehouse Bagel and Brownie Bites

How do you take your bagel??
Let me know in the comments and you might win a pack of Canyon Bakehouse's new Gluten Free Bagels and Brownie Bites! 
I will pick 2 winners! 

Don't forget to check Canyon Bakehous's store locator to see where you can pick up their new bagels and brownie bites! They are at Target's and health food stores all across the country making them easy to find and purchase! 

Enter to win below!!
PLEASE remember to comment, if I draw your name and see you didn't comment, your entry will not count. 

Thanks to Canyon Bakehouse for always being awesome and making living this Gluten Free life easier. 
Winner's will be picked on June 19th and announced shortly after.

Again, HUGE thanks to Canyon Bakehouse for letting me host this giveaway and 

*Disclaimer* I was given these products in exchange for a review. Opinions are 100% my own. 
However, we purchase Canyon Bakehouse on our own dime almost weekly. So I was more then happy to partner with them and share their new products.

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