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9:50 AM

I realized I have never shared my story of how I became gluten free. I just seemed to start writing up recipes and tips about my lifestyle without ever explaining how or why.

I've written this post out a couple of times and still haven't found the right words for my story. Mostly because my story is fairly simple. Becoming fully gluten free was progressive and stemmed from when my mom decided to switch our family diet to gluten free to help my older sister. In turn, I was actually the one that gluten seemed to hate. I didn't really become fully committed to being gluten free till my symptoms got worse and it caused me to not eat and lose weight.
Many doctor visits and blood work later, we had no answers so a diet change seemed like the best option.

As I was writing about my story (as small and simple as it is) it made me really think about what I've learned from becoming gluten free. If I never made that choice to be gluten free I probably would have never become as passionate about food and healthy choices as I am now.

I think there is so much power in the ability to take care of our bodies and the knowledge to know what you are putting in your body.
I think a lot of people forget that your body is influenced by what you put in it. We go through each day eating whats cheep and available right now. And we forget that sometimes what you put in it isn't as good as you would like it. I think a lot of people would save lots of time, pain, and doctors visits if they really took into account what they put in their bodies.

If I had looked at my food journal in early 2012 and really took into account and realized how much of my diet was gluten I probably would have saved myself months of struggle.

As far as I know, I do not have a genetic disposition to be gluten free, no one else in my family has gluten allergies or Celiac Disease.
So to me, the only reason I have a gluten allergy, is because I was putting food in my body that was so processed to a point my body started to reject it. And again, If only knew the signs and the information on the food i was putting in my body! Information and knowledge is key!

If you can learn anything from this horribly written post, learn that you have to power to chose right and know whats in your food.
Know that sometimes its not your body thats causing issues but the food you are putting in it.
I think the more people become aware of their bodies, learn whats good and not good for it, the wiser our choices will be. Take the time to make better choices.

Now, I don't want anyone to read this and find me judgmental to those that like a little junk food or eat out every now and then. 
Trust me, I constantly have Mike and Ike and Chick-Fil-A cravings (grilled GF nuggets of course)
I am definitely a big believer in moderation ;) 
You do you!


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