Simple Gluten Free Tips

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I've shared my gluten free story and I've also shared the best way to be supportive of someone living the fun GF lifestyle but now I want to share some simple (and random) tips that can hopefully make living gluten free a little bit easier.

Explore food. 
There are so many interesting foods out there. So many amazing rice, legumes, fish, produce. And it's all gluten free. Take some time to pinterest and explore. I feel like being gluten free seems hard to do but it can actually motivate you to step outside the normal American diet. I love to experiment with the food and meals that are paleo, vegan, vegetarian, and part of the Mediterranean diet.

Don't be afraid of repetitiveness.
Now while its fun to explore new foods, I think its common for GF people to get repetitive with meals. But don't be weary my friend. If it works for you, make that veggie stir fry 3 times a month. There is no shame in making a good meal over and over.

Bring something.
When going to someones house to enjoy some food, don't be afraid to ask if you can bring something.  Not only are you being polite but you will also have something you know you can eat. You don't know how many times I've brought something to a family or friends house and been so thankful I had because there was either very little or nothing I could eat.

Now, I am not the best at this but I think keeping a GF granola bar or a bag of GF chips in your purse or car for those days when hunger strikes is so helpful.

Find your favorites and share!
I think this is so important in the GF community to share our favorite GF finds and products. Not only does it help each other find a new favorite pasta, snack, or sandwich bread (*cough cough* Canyon Bakehouse...*cough cough*) but it also helps the companies making said products grow and expand and the ability to make even more GF goodies!

Find a Support Group!
Facebook is where it's at. Search to see if there is a GF/Celiac support group in your area! It is so helpful and encouraging! I've found so many awesome places to eat at and food to try just through my local support group!

Supplements, Supplements, Supplements
While there are some health perks to being GF, you do miss out on a lot of nutrition if you don't have a very dense diet or the time to make your diet nutrient dense.
I make up for it in supplements. For example. I don't get a lot of fiber in my diet. So I take psylliums husk a couple days a week to fill in the gaps. I also take a multi, immune booster, probiotic, and others just so I can keep my body fueled with nutrients that I might be missing out on.

Always keep tummy soother on hand
This is probably one of my favorite tips. There are some great natural tummy soothers out there that can help whenever you get glutened or even if you just feel a little bloated.
Papaya Enzymes: My mom got us hooked on these a couple years ago. They are great for upset tummies and they taste amazing. I keep them in the fridge at home.
When I'm on the go I've learned to keep some yummy Peppermints in my purse for when my tummy feels a bit upset. I picked up some awesome organic peppermints at Trader Joe's and they've worked amazingly.
CHAMOMILE TEA. I cannot rave about this tea enough. I've drinking it for years but I swear by it. Not only does it help my tummy after a day of really rich food or even a gluten attack, but it also helps keep my hives from flaring up. If you can't stand tea but still want the benefits, you can buy them in supplements.
And I don't know about you but drinking tea always makes me feel more sophisticated. ;)

Do you have any simple and or random gluten free tips?? 
I'd love to hear them! 

Side note:: Whenever I mention "diet"  know that I mean it as more of my food intake from day to day. 
I in no way support going gluten free to "Diet" or "lose weight".


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