Sweet Debbie's Organic Treats

8:00 AM

It has taken me WAY to long to write this review for Mrs.Debbie. 
Nevertheless her book/recipe's are worth the wait!

Sweet Debbie Organic Treats is the best baking book I've seen for Allergy-Free and Vegan baking. Her recipe's are fairly simple and taste amazing. There are a few different ingredients that may people don't have on hand (I know i didn't, thank goodness for my momma that did!) but once you have them the recipe's are super easy to make. I love that she uses all organic products. I myself, try to use all organic products when I cook and bake so this book was a perfect fit.

I made her Mushy Monkey Banana Muffins and the husband (and I) love them!
 Tasty and mushy ;)
Mushy Monkey Banana Muffins: Debbie Adler :
Mushy Monkey Banana Muffins : Sweet Debbie's
Gluten Free Mushy Monkey Banana Muffins

Debbie's new cookbook is filled with recipe's from the famous Los Angeles Bakery that she owns. It has received critical acclaim from the gluten free community in general. It was chosen as a "Best Gluten Free Cookbook of 2013" by Delicious Living Magazine, a "Best Vegan Cookbook of 2013" by Green Vegan Living and a "Favorite Book" by Living Without Magazine.

I highly recommend this book to all your vegan and allergy-free baking friends! 

You can check it out here on amazon!


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