Our Valentines Day

11:14 AM

I don't know what possess me to travel with my husband to Orlando on/near a major holiday but when you live in a small town sometimes you have to adventure out to the big city to do something different. Regardless of the traffic, tourists, and horrible drivers, we had a very successful Valentines Day.

We started off by having lunch at Toasted. I've heard many good things about this place from other local bloggers so I had to go try it out while I was in the area. I know I would probably like it because...
1. I love grilled cheese
2. I love grilled cheese
3. My husband loves grilled cheese.
(yes i meant to repeat 1 and 2 ;) )

I looked up the menu on our way down so we were ready to order when we got there. I placed my order and asked if I could get it made Gluten Free and without hesitation (or eye rolling), I was told that would be no problem.

Well done, Toasted, well done.

I ordered a gluten free version of As Gouda as it Gets and Steve ordered a Street Taco, we both got a side of truffle oil and rosemary fries as well. Within the first bite we had fallen in love. This is probably going to be a place we visit to every time we are in the area.
Our Valentines Day: Toasted :

Next door to Toasted was a SmallCakes bakery. I have never heard of this place but the big "GLUTEN FREE CUPCAKES" sign in the window had me intrigued. I was sold at "Peanut Butter Cup Cupcake". I have never seen a gluten free cupcake the size of my face before! It was amazing and was so rich I had to split it with Steve. We both agreed that we should have gone back for seconds or to take some home ;)
Our Valentines Day : SmallCakes :

Disney Springs was our last stop. Everything is looking great! I wish traffic getting in there was less hectic but nevertheless I'm excited for all the new additions.
We arrived early for our reservation so we headed over to the shops. On our way I spotted Erin Mckennas Bakery's new store front. I am so excited that it is VERY close to Cooke's of Dublin and Raglan Road. Can't wait for it to open!
 Our Valentines Day : Erin McKenna's Bakery

We checked out the new Disney Marketplace Co-Op. I love this place. The little details are so unique. Especially this one.
Our Valentines Day: Disney MarketPlace Co-op

The Disney Centerpiece section had so much I wanted. I had to make myself walk away.
Disney Market Place Co-op

We headed back over to Raglan Road's for dinner. We immediately ordered gluten free onion rings. These are the best and I could probably eat them all day.
Gluten Free Onion Rings Raglan Road

Every time we go to Raglan Road I always try to get something different. This time I chose the Butternut Squash Risotto with chicken on top (gluten free of course). This is probably my favorite dish I've had. It was so creamy and full of flavor.
Butternut Risotto Raglan Road

Steve got, what I dubbed, the All Man Plate, seeing it had every piece of meat you could eat at Raglan Road. That really wasn't the read name of the dish but it was pretty close.
Raglan Road

We had such a nice Valentines Day. Minus the crazy traffic and maneuvering around tourists all day. ;)

I hope you all had great Valentines Day. Full of love and lot's of chocolate!

I highly recommend Toasted, SmallCakes, and Raglan Road.

Oh a FYI, my husband is not GF so when we go out he orders a normal meal. Non of his dishes were gluten free.


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