Friday Favorites

8:00 AM

Frozen Fever:
Not only am I excited for the new Cinderella but I am also excited for the Frozen Fever short that is going to play before it.
While a lot of people are fed up with Frozen, I am not. Frozen holds a special place in my heart. Steve and I hadn't even been married a week when we ventured to the movie theater to see it. It was the first time we saw a movie that when we left, we went home to the same place together. Call me sappy but not only did I love the movie, I loved the moment I had with my new husband ;)

Silk Cashew Milk:
I was so excited to receive this lovely package from Silk the other day. I can't wait to try their new Cashew Milk. Their almond milk is a staple in our house. I'm already hitting up pinterest looking up recipes I could use their Cashew milk in :D
Silk Cashew Milk

My new computer set up:
My faithful Dell laptop is slowly loosing its power so I thought it was time to update and get a desktop for when I am at home. So, over the weekend we picked up a Mac Mini. I love it. I got a mac keyboard (i love their keyboards) and a Samsung Monitor (which i think its just as good as Mac Monitor and less $$$$). I am super happy with it so far.
 Friday Favorites Simply Samantha

LC Cinderella:
Lauren Conrads new Cinderella Collection for Kohls has me speechless. So, YOU should head over and check it out here!


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