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 Cowgirl Boot Adventures
Cowgirl Boot Adventures

I love's these boots.
Ever since I bought them, I have dubbed them my "adventure" boot's because I bought them as a gift for myself to wear on my wedding day and getting married was my next "adventure".
I got my first pair of boot's when I was around 7 and started horseback riding.
I loved those boot's. I wore them everywhere and it was a sad day when I no longer fit into them.
I can now call those my beginner "adventure" boots.

Call me weird, but I tend to connect memories with clothes and shoes.
I still have the shirt I was wearing when I met Steve and I have a simple pair of laced flats that I bought on our honeymoon.
Every time I wear these items I remember such sweet moments from my past.
I hope to one day wear these boots as I walk in the countryside of Ireland with my husband on our dream vacation or as I purchase a new little pair of boots for our future child. Both of these things won't be for a while but they will be a great step on then next adventure.

 Some people have trinkets that remind them of moments, I have clothes.

Do you have any special items of clothing you've kept that remind you of a special time?? 
I'd love to read about them :) 


  1. Cute blog! I love a good legging-boot combo (something I do often in the colder months). It looks great on you! I think it's sweet to keep a couple of articles of clothing around because of their meaning/memory. I kept a couple of things from our honeymoon as well! xo - Mandi

  2. I love boots!

    P.S. - No apostrophe in the word "boots" or the word "loves".

  3. I love those boots! And its always great to have sentimental items to keep your special memories alive!


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