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As I was scrolling through my facebook feed this morning with my cup of coffee in hand and "Hart of Dixie" playing on the tv in the background, I saw there was a lot of controversy going on with an article Redbook did on Kaley Cuoco and some things she said in that article.

Here is a little except from eonline about her interview

Asked if she considers herself a feminist, Redbook's February cover girl replied, "Is it bad if I say no?"

Presumably more than a few people on the Internet will have an answer for her, but let the actress explain.

"It's not really something I think about," Cuoco, who will celebrate one year of marriage to tennis player Ryan Sweeting on New Year's Eve, told the magazine. "Things are different now, and I know a lot of the work that paved the way for women happened before I was around... I was never that feminist girl demanding equality, but maybe that's because I've never really faced inequality.

"I cook for Ryan five nights a week: It makes me feel like a housewife; I love that. I know it sounds old-fashioned, but I like the idea of women taking care of their men. I'm so in control of my work that I like coming home and serving him. My mom was like that, so I think it kind of rubbed off."

So, I don't usually put my say out on things like this, but what she was talking about kind of struck me because I can relate. 

Now, I've never been asked if I was a "feminist", I've never encountered an event or issue that I felt I need to stand up for as a woman. However, being a very young married woman in today's society I feel the pressure to be a "feminist" and do my own thing even though I'm married.

When did being married and serving your husband becoming a bad thing? When did this world decide that serving our husbands is beneath us and we as women need to revolt and stand up for ourselves. 
It's like being a housewife is this "voodoo" thing people look down upon. I've had people that I've encounter act shocked when I tell them how old I am and that I'm married, and *GASP* I like being a housewife and that is my first priority. 

I feel its worse the younger you are. I think for young women, the world exudes this need to feel accomplished before marriage. That being a feminist and standing up for yourself should be your most important accomplishment. 

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying we shouldn't stick up for ourselves. But in the right context and for the right reasons. Not so you can just be called a "feminist".

I don't know about other women out there but I feel accomplished by serving my husband. I feel accomplished making sure he has something to eat for dinner when he comes home, that the home isn't in total shambles when he walk's through the door, and that I don't add to his burdens.

Women that don't consider themselves "feminist" should not be looked down upon or critized. In a country that is so bound to find equality, it seems weird that this controversy between being and not being a "feminist" is not inequality itself.

You don't hear many women in Hollywood, like Kaley, saying that they "like serving their husbands" and the being a feminist isn't that important as being their for their husbands. For her to say something like that took a lot of guts. If I can get looked down upon by some people for being "old fashioned" in my own little town, I can only imagine the backlash she is getting out in Hollywood

I know everyone isn't going to agree on everything I just said but that's what this blog is for.
For me, from time to time, to voice my own opinion.

Thanks for letting me step on my soap box and express my feelings readers. 


  1. Wow! Great post! So proud of you!!

  2. Hi Samantha,

    Here is the definition of feminism: "the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men."

    I highly recommend you watch this YouTube video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hg3umXU_qWc, seeing as I do not have the time to fully elaborate on this topic myself and that it is not my job to be a "feminist babysitter." This video is a great example of how women can be both "girly" and "feminists" at the same time.

    Please do not delete this comment due to the fact that you do not fully understand that just because you have never found something worth standing up for as a women, that other, non-white, non-american, non-middle class women have not.

    PS: When you use a comma with a quotation, the comma goes INSIDE the quotation marks. Just something to consider if you aspire to be a "writer."



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