Friday Favorites

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I figured it was about time I do another Friday Favorites. I keep going back and forth on whether or not I want to do a monthly favorites or a weekly Friday favorites and I always seem to go back to the weekly Friday Favorites. It's been my blog staple for a while now even though I haven't been as consistent with it as I used to be.

But without further ado:
Here are a few of my favorite things....
(I bet you were mentally singing it in your head too ;) )

LC Conrad Bathroom Collection:
If you have been reading my blog for a while you know I am obsessed with everything Lauren Conrad. She inspires a lot of my wardrobe. Recently she released a bathroom collection with Kohls and I want all of it.
We are actually in the process of making plans to redo our small little bathroom. My favorite color scheme of the collection is this one:

Now, I know my husband (and blog spell checker/editor ;) ) is going to see this and say it looks to girly. But please know dear husband that I will make sure I gather other inspiration besides this collection to decorate our bathroom so it doesn't seem so girly ;) 

Speaking of bathrooms. (sorry, i've got bathrooms on the brain apparently lol). Have you heard of this stuff, Poo-Pourri? I saw this stuff in a local boutique here in my town and I thought I'd try it out. 
I am a true believer now. I love it! We have only one small bathroom in our house and sometimes you gotta go while the other person is in the bathroom getting ready. Its just how it is. This stuff works wonders and helps your bathroom (and you) not smell like... well you know..And saves the person who has to use the bathroom next from having to hold their breath. ;)

I loved hearing Heather White speak at Wow Summit this weekend. She shared about and as soon as I got home I jumped on it to see what products were not good for my home. Sadly I have been buying what I thought was good products for my home that are not :o Next time I go to the store to buy cleaning supplies I am going to buy the right ones for sure! 

Christmas Banners:
I am not a DIY person but I really think I could get accomplish either of these banners if I put my mind to it :P I think they're so adorable and looks fairly simple.
Follow Samantha Riley's board Christmas Idea/Decorations and GIFTS! on Pinterest.

I don't watch much tv. However, I do enjoy netflix and amazon and finding show's to watch while im around the house or doing my hair. I saw Reign on netflix and remembered I had seen it on the CW and wanted to watch it but never got a chance. So, I started watching it while I was doing my hair one morning, fast forward to a week later and I had caught up all the way to the newest episode of the new season..... Its that addicting folks. 
I will say there are some moments of the show are a bit rique (i'd say like 10% of some of the episode). I tend to ignore those parts. But all in all its a great show and now Thursday nights are "samantha's tv night" according to the husband.  Poor thing, if he's home he has to sit through two hours of TV shows that don't interest him at all. The Vampire Diares and Grey's Anatomy (i flip back and forth), and Reign. He's a good spot though. He get's football. I get vampires, doctors, and queens. 

Happy Weekend Friends! 


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