Fall Garden

10:14 AM

Last spring. My awesome husband built me some a two small garden beds on the side of our house (see post here)
Because the fall in Florida is so mild and warm, I thought I'd take a jab at a fall garden this year.
There isn't a lot you can plant in the fall. However, many of the things we like to eat, such as squash and zucchini, grow well in the fall here in Florida. (or at least thats what I read;))
I am super excited to have found Spaghetti Squash seeds. As long as the nasty garden bugs stay away from eating my plants, I should have some nice sized Spaghetti Squash this year. Yay!
I think Spaghetti Squash is one of Gods gift to mankind. If you have not tried it yet you have not lived.

 Fall Garden

Dear Reader, Are you attempting a fall garden??
 If not, if you were what would you plant??


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