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Influenster is probably one of my favorite websites right now. Not only do I get great reviews of products from other users there, but I can use my love for social media to spread the word about certain products I enjoy.
I was able to receive a box of Influenster goodies that are for us college students to help survive the semesters of school.
The Vox Box I received was called "The Deans List Vox Box", perfect for this college student wanting to be on the deans list this semester :)

Here are just a view of the products in my box.

Left to Right
Kiss Eyelashes : I will be honest. I don't know if I'll ever use these. I am a very "natural makeup" typer of girl. However, I was impressed about how natural they did look and feel. 
Playtex Sports : Every girl needs feminine products. We are never NOT going to need them. I tend to prefer the pad over tampons (not afraid of a little TMI here on the blog ;)) but it is always good to have a box around incase of a spontaneous trip to the beach. 
SoftLips Cube : Besides the pens (which I wrote about below), this is probably my other favorite item of the box. It was so sweet and made my lips super soft and smooth. PLUS (a bonus for us GF peeps) this chapstick is Gluten Free. Says so right on the back! Yay! 
Cover Girl "Ready, Set Gorgeous" : I used liquid foundation for a while as a teenager, now I have switched over to powder but I do like to keep some liquid on hand incase some stubborn pimples won't fade away. The color of this foundation was a little "orangier" (is that even a word) then I had hoped for, but it has great coverage and felt very light on my skin.


Other products in the box were 
Pilot FriXion Clicker Pen's : These things are the best. I am a HORRIBLE speller (if you've read my blog for a while you probably know that by now), so having a pen that has an eraser is amazing! I had to write a check last week and accidentally wrote the wrong number and it was so nice to be able to erase it and fix it. Thanks PILOT! I'll be buying these pens from now on. 
Sinful Colors No Text Red : I am always up for getting new nail polish. This color was amazing. Perfect for fall.  It doesn't last to long (but I also didn't put a base/top coat on when I painted my nails), but thats ok with me. I like to change up my nail color every couple of days. Sinful Colors is also running a great campaign with this color to raise awareness to people to not text and drive. Tweet #NoTextRed to help bring awareness. 
Airhead Bites : These did not last long. My husband loves him some airheads so we ate them within 48hrs of getting the box. My only complaint is they taste similar to Skittles, just a little bit more chewier. They are a great in-between class sweet snack though.

What products are a must for your college experience??
 Hand Sanitizer is a BIG one for me. Gotta stay clean and germ free
Leave me a comment! I'd loves to hear! 

"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."


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