DIY Attempt

3:45 PM

 DIY side table

"It can't be that difficult"

5 words I will never say again when attempting a DIY project that requires a lot's of time and patience.
Back in May, I figured it was about time to paint/stain a side table we had bought at yard sale. After gathering the supplies I started sanding down the table. Soon after, I realized that I did not need to sand the table down to much so my hopes of an easy project were high.
Then, I started the staining and I realized I wasn't as prepared as I wanted to be. I forgot gloves and an appropriate staining brush. As the Florida heat set in I got more and more frustrated and finally gave up. Went stompping into our house yelling "Next time I going to just pay for a table that is already finished, Ugh!"
Plus I am a wimp and will not work or do anything outside in the hot florida summer heat.

Fast forward to almost 4 months later and now that heat and humidity are gone and I have gathered the right tools to finish the job. With some great gloves and an appropriate staining brush, I was able to put on the final coat without feeling defeated and sweaty in just a couple of days.
 DIY Side Table

Now, this probably is a very minor project for some of my readers. However, I found out I have no patience for even a simple project like refurnishing a side table. Making sure all the nooks and crannies of the table were covered was quite daunting and too tedious for me.
It isn't perfect but I am proud of it.

So readers? Have you tried doing such as project as this? 
If so you probably had more patience then I did? ;)


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