School Time

1:00 PM

It's that time of year again. Time for school. This year is full of classes I am very excited to take. I've already gone to two of the three and both classes consisted of watching sometime type of movie. I think I am going to enjoy those classes. ;)

Here is the typical "first day of school" outfit pictures.

 photo IMG_8481_zpsbd8eb5d0.jpg
 photo IMG_8490_zps471f48e8.jpg
 photo IMG_8494_zpsb6ea7ce6.jpg
 photo IMG_8500_zps44a2b3e3.jpg
 photo IMG_8505_zpse8157b4e.jpg
Shirt: TJ Maxx // Shorts: Old Navy // 
// Shoes (which you cant really see ;)):Target // Backpack: Target//

Funny Story, Steve helped me take these photos the day before because I knew I wouldn't have time to take photos in the morning.
And in morning as I was getting ready I soon realized I should have washed my shirt before hand because it was rubbing on my white shorts and turning them kind of green. Which led me to making a wardrobe change 5 minuets before I had to leave for class. Nothing like a little stress before you start school.

Hope all my fellow college friends are having a great start to the school year too! 


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