Why I said no

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I really don't know if I will post this. I try to stay away from too much personal stuff here on my blog. But I also like to use this blog to let out my thoughts, tell my stories, and maybe help other young women out there.
So, here we go.

About two weeks ago, my "lady parts" doctor suggested I get an IUD. I've been on the pill for about a year and have not had any issues with it but he said an IUD would be a good idea because the pill can sometimes hurt your eggs and other things.
It was a pretty quick visit so I was ok walking out of there knowing I would be getting this IUD.
Flash forward to this past weekend. Since the visit two weeks ago, I have been having "pros and cons" thoughts growing in my head. I kept praying and asking God for a straight answer but wasn't really getting one.

I usually have this "feeling" when I believe God is telling me not to do something and I hadn't had it yet. Everything was going fine, the IUD was ordered and I was able to get an appointment.
The day came that I was supposed to get the IUD.  I had a horrible nightmare that something went wrong with my IUD. I woke up, did some errands, then headed to my appointment. However, during this entire time I had this "weird feeling" in my stomach and body. I pushed that feeling aside calling it nerves and sat in the doctors office and waited.
AND waited.
Finally they called me back. And told me they weren't sure if I could get it put in that day because I wasn't on my cycle. So I waited some more, talked to the nurses about my options and if it was ok to ask the doctor some more questions.
At this point im an emotional wreck because I'm tired and that "weird feeling" is raging in my body. I sat in the room looking at the IUD sitting on the table, tears in my eye's, this thought pop'd in my head.
"If I want you to have children, you will have children regardless of some t-shaped thing inside of you."
and I was like "REALLY God, now you say something as I sit here in tears".

My doctor came in, saw I was fully upset ( I figured he was used to it since all he see's is women everyday and we tend to cry... a lot..). He reassured me if I didn't feel comfortable with it, I didn't have to have it. I wasn't having anything to serious going on down there for him to advise me that I HAD to have the IUD. He wasn't going to put something in my body that might made me feel worse. He fully understood and told me not to worry. I was stressing out about something that I didn't need to be.

Granted, I do run the risk of continuing to take the pill and it hurting my egg's. But everything in life has a risk, and furthermore any form of birth control has that risk, nothing is 100%. If I don't need something in my body I would rather not have it.  If my doctor was like "Samantha you need this, your birth control is making it 10x worse and if you dont get this you are not going to have babies in a couple years", then yes I would have sucked it up and gotten it. But since he told me I didn't have too, I would be ok. I didn't worry about it.

I kept wanting to trust God throughout this whole thing. However, I kept wanting to trust Him on the decision to have the IUD rather then seeing what He really wanted me to trust Him on, which was that regardless of what is in or what I am putting in my body, In 2-3 years when we start thinking about children. If it is HIS will, I need to trust Him that He will bless us and take care of us and let us have kids. He is the true physician, if he wants us to have children we will. Regardless of what form of birth control I use. Goodness, if he can make Sarah pregnant beyond child baring years, I think he is more than capable of blessing my husband and I down the road with a child of our own.

So readers, I guess the bottom line is sometimes God puts you through things and sometimes He'll wait to the very last minuet to give you an answer. Regardless, learn from it, and more importantly don't trust Him on just one thing. Trust Him on all the things.

P.S I am not saying the pill is better than and IUD or that if you chose to get an IUD that your are crazy or making a mistake. I think if you have one and it works for you that that is great. This is just a situation I went through and I dont by any means means want to offend anyone.
I am also not a medical physician. This post is merely just my thoughts and experiences.


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