Simple Things

10:47 AM

My blogger friend Ilene posted on her insta a week or so ago (because I am NOW just getting around to blogging this), how she has appreciated the simple things lately. And it got me thinking about all the little things that happen during my day that I should be more thankful for  how simple they are.

I am a very simple person, but my life begs to differ. I feel like it is busier and less simple every day.

However, I still enjoy the simplicity of sitting in my car before class(es) in the warm sun listening to music. Walking into work and hearing "hi manta!". Having a full girls day with my mom and sister full of laughs and fun. Laying in bed before falling asleep giggling at/with my husband talking about our day. Wearing dress's. Cooking. Reading (hence the photo below)

I think everyone should always have a moment where they look around and try to take in the simple things going on. I know i forget to do that from time to time. But maybe if we take the time to do that our busy days will seem so much simpler.


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