Let's Chat

3:31 PM

Let's have a little chat shall we readers?? It's been quiet a while since we have had one.

Life has been non-stop lately. I was whisked away 2 weekends ago to a surprise trip up north to my roots. The trip was not so much a surprise but the bridal shower that awaited me was. I felt so blessed and beyond amazed that my bestest childhood friend took the time to plan a bridal shower for me along side my grandma and aunt. It will probably be one of my favorite moments/memories from that trip and probably from my time as an engaged women.

Speaking of wedding goodness. The big day is less then 2 months away. Eeep! So close. Yet so far. lol

So, on my trip up north, I decided that I would start rereading Divergent. So much better the second time around folks. I've taken a whole week to read it because I don't want it to be over and I don't want to be reminded the movie is so far away. Luckily I have Catching Fire to look forward to.
Ok. Book Nerd talk is over.

Thanks for reading readers. I will try harder to make more interesting post. I need to find some time to cook/bake or go on an adventure or something lol.


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