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This weekend was truly nothing short of amazing. It went by so fast and I enjoyed it so much. I still keep thinking about it.

Saturday was my 20th birthday.

Yes. I am not technically a "teenager" any more. 

First off on my amazing day, I was woken up by my amazing man who had a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee in hand.
Most of my day was a surprise. I had no idea what was being planned except chick-fil-a for lunch, and a wedding later on in the evening.

My first surprise/birthday gift was that we were going horseback riding!
I used to ride and I love my horses. I haven't been on a horse 3 years but I was so excited that I got to get back in the saddle again. (cue cheesy rock song)
Its amazing how natural some stuff comes back to you. I had no trouble ridding my horse on the trail.
(Steve on the other hand.... well we just wont go there.. but it made for a very fun/funny horse back ride)

 photo 983949_10201420814108146_341908920_n_zps6838b767.jpg

Then afterwards we of course went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch. My favorite place of all.

Later on in the evening after some nice down time at the house we went to our friends wedding.
It was beautiful. Their wedding was like my pinterest bored and then some. So, not only was it beautiful but it was exciting because it got me excited for my own wedding in 5 months!
(not that I wasn't excited already lol)

One of my favorite things about their wedding that I want to gush about, was the photobooth. I've heard of people doing these at their wedding but I didn't realize how fun it was till I actually tried it myself.
If i get the chance. We are working one into my reception.
BTW you can see a little snip of us having fun on PhotoBoothWasted's Instagram
 photo 130622_202222-Copy_zps7fcaa5fc.jpg
 photo 130622_202023-Copy_zpsbe014a42.jpg

Aren't we precious??? ;)


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