9:00 PM

Ahh rain. Topical Storms are perfect suppliers of it. 
Ask any Floridian, we aren't very put off by a TS. We just see is as a couple days that are filled with perfect napping weather.
Or in my case, perfect reading, blogging, coffee drinking, cooking, wedding planning, snuggle with the fiance, weather.

 photo IMG_7170_zpscc5f0e88.jpg
 photo IMG_7170_zpscc5f0e88.jpg

And as jaxson see's it. Just another day for napping. 
 photo IMG_7160_zpsbfcb0705.jpg
 photo IMG_7164_zps8bc3c005.jpg

Trust me. I'm am enjoying it now. But by Sunday the beach is going to be calling my name and I'm going to be sick and tired of the clouds. 
But until then. I chose to be productive. 
(or I should say im going to "TRY" to be productive..... OH LOOK PINTEREST!) 


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