I learned

12:00 AM

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Shirt:Cotton On // Jeans:SO by Kohls // Shoes:Blowfish // 

I really had nothing to blog about except pictures of my newest daily outfit,
soooo.. i decided to just talk about what I learned this weekend.

so this weekend I learned~

  • I miss my Carebear. Even after 9 years of being apart, there are still just days when I want to drive to her house, grab some Starbucks, and just talk. Emails are sometimes not good enough. Dang you distance.
  • Buns hurt if worn too long. Seriously. I took mine out RIGHT as I got home from school and i was nursing that dang headache all night. Poo... But they are so cute, why must i go through pain to look cute??
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  • I make really good sweet tea. Well... I think its good.
  • Though I am not a morning person. Seeing mister, in all his 6'5'' gloriousness, standing in my bedroom doorway first thing in the morning, makes me a VERY happy girl.
  • Pink shoes rule.


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