My break.. so far..

12:03 PM

(yes this flower is from the mister. Its what I get for making him dinner. I still would have made him dinner minus the flower, but i'm not complaining ;) ) 

So my break so far has consisted of---

  • watching church kids for over 8 hours on a Saturday afternoon (gotta make that $$) 
  • made dinner for the mister while he was at work so he had food to come home to, gotta practice my great cooking skills. 
  • worked on college applications.......
  • read. I finished Reached in 2 days and Im working on Beautiful Redemption as we speak!! Will review for you guys when i get the chance.
  • Attempted to bake but we had no eggs... 

Yes, I am having such a thrilling first week of Christmas break as you can tell. lol.
However i still can't believe Christmas is really next week. Its just mind boggling, its like i had school then BAM! CHRISTMAS..
I can't wait for monday though. I get to work with the little one's during out Christmas service which is always a interesting experience.

Hope you guys are having a great and fun christmas break! 


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