Should I?

9:56 PM

Should I blog about..
.... him....

Hmm.. what do you think?

Should i blog about how great he is?

How he makes me laugh.
How he makes me smile even when I don't feel like smiling.
How he brought me chick fil a when I didn't even ask for it.

Should I BORE you with the details of our cute little outings
should I gush to you guys about how I thank God everyday for the blessing that is him?
And so on and so on (I could go on for hours, seriously)


I'll just keep those things to myself and spare you guys the horribleness and boringness of that...

note::: this post is mostly sarcasm if you can't tell (except for the things about him). I am Irish and we tend to be sarcastic 95% of the time. Just saying* 


  1. You should know that after a post like this we have the right to demand all the gory details...

    ...just saying...



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