Football and a Someone

5:19 PM

As much as I love football, you probably assume i've been to a game right???

Never been to one.

I just never had the opportunity. Till a couple days ago.
And so last night I got to experience my first ever NFL football game. Live. In person.
And it was amazing!
So much fun and even though it was just a Jacksonville Jag's vs. Indianapolis Colts game.

( If you are wondering, I cheered for the colts. And they won. So there)

To be honest. I had so much fun because of the company. I had the best football buddy a girl could ask for.


Perfect night. Perfect weather. Perfect game of football. And a pretty darn perfect football buddy.
What more could a girl ask for? :)


  1. There's nothing like the experience of a NFL game! and you and your guy are so freakin' cute.



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