1:11 PM

My poor blog!!! How i have neglected you!! I feel so bad! 
Stupid school. And life, getting in the way. 

I apologize for the lack of posts. As much as I love to blog, school and life have come first. As it always should.
We have had family in town for almost 3 weeks (thanks to Sandy :P). We had 8 people in our house at one point for a couple days. It was crazy. But fun. Definitely made life exciting. Having the grandparents around was truly enjoyable and I don't think I day went by that i wasn't laughing at something they did.

Other then that i've had a boat load of school these past too weeks. Papers, papers, and more papers. Thankfully I've been able to write about interesting topics and fun stuff that is interesting to me. For example i am in the process of writing a paper about "All the Worlds a Stage" by William Shakespeare. Love me some Shakespeare ;)

Life has been amazing these past 2 weeks too. I've been the happiest I've ever been. For a couple reasons.
I just feel the true blessing of God. I've gone through some rough stuff, but as of right now I am flying high. I hope I can feel like this for a while :)

Well blog friends. Thanks again for reading. I am so thankful and blessed by each one of you. When I get the chance I will be catching up on your blogs :D Here's hoping *crossing fingers* I can get some new posts up soon!


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