Where have I been!?

3:15 PM

Well to be honest. Nowhere. lol. I got back from my mini vaca with the bestie and I was thrown right back into life and have been too busy to sit down and blog.
THAT and Jeska had all the pictures so I had to wait to blog till i got them the other day ;)

So last Thursday the bestie, Jeska, and I headed down to Mickey's House for a little Halloween vacation! We saved up for a month or so and got ourselves tickets and a room for Mickey's Halloween party.

Of course we stopped for lunch and some retail therapy on the way down, if I'm going to O'Town I am going to make sure I either stop at Ikea OR Forever 21, we stopped at both of course...and chick fil a ;)

Anywhozels we check into our room around mid afternoon and we were greeted by this lovely fellow. His name is George. Isn't he cute!?

We got ready, had some dinner, than headed over to the park.
OH and I was Rapunzel btw if you didn't notice. I was "Post-blond hair" Rapunzel"
(and the dress is from my 50's party last year. Yay for reusing dress's ;))

Sadly, as we arrived it started to look glumly.

So, we did what normal Floridians do, we ignored the weather and went on our way nevertheless.

 We hoped on Pirates of the Caribbean, excited for the night ahead.
Then we got off the ride.
And we were trapped.
Stupid florida weather!
Rain. By the bucket loads. 
So we waited
And waited
And waited.

After a half an hour the rain slowed down but chose not to stop.
SO we conformed to the man... or mouse in this situation,
and bought ponchos and headed out to another ride.
 Poring rain and all.
The bottom of my dress was wet from where the poncho didn't cover and Jeska had water in her new shoes. However, we still laughed, rode rides (that were inside of course) and enjoyed ourselves.

That's the thing about being a Floridian. You learn to deal with the weather. It just happens and you have to learn to go with the flow. No matter what.

Even Pascal made it through the night!

Last Thursday was defiantly full of memories.  
I made a little video below if you'd like to see.

OH and.. hehehe. Me being my typical self... well.. just watch..

Yea. Clutzy me. I don't even know how I did it. All i know is I got off Pirates and my foot started to hurt.
 I ended up pulling/spraining severely a tendon that runs along the side of my foot. It's been a week and I'm still healing. Dr. said if its not better by next week we need to get X-Rays done. :o
Lets hope it heals!

Stay tuned for my next post where I gush on the amazingness that is Babycakes! 


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