Where have I been

12:00 AM

I know I've been a little MIA lately. But here is a quick little low-down to what I've been up too.

 ~Spent my last day ( till October :) ) with my best friend Hiccup who has now left for college :( I miss him like crazy and he's only been gone 3 days.

~Every time I buy stuff for my room on my own I feel like such a grown up. I've dubbed my room my "studio apartment" because
1. It is the size of a studio apartment.
2. I spend a majority of my time up there, I have my own (borrowed) tv with netflix, a coffee maker, and a soon to be min fridge :) Everything I need :D


 ~Dyed a stip of my hair blond with the bestie, J :) What do you think??
the photo doesn't do it justice by the way.


 Like I said just a little overview of what's going on.
I'm actually going to be busier than normal this week and I'll have very limited internet access. So I'm going to have to be MIA some more from the blog world :( However, I'm always updating my twitter so be sure to follow me there!
Next week I have a little vaca so I'm looking forward to working on my blogging skilz some more than :)

Till next time my friends!


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